voting, submissions, logistics

Did you register to vote yet? I hope so. You can make sure you’re registered here. And then make a plan on how you’re voting this year. Seriously.

Part of the reason why I created this site is because I want there to be more, diverse perspectives and voices in mental health and music writing. I’m calling for submissions. Write up your unique experience when it comes to music and mental health, critique popular critiques, and give us new way of understanding music. Just make sure you create playlist (Spotify, preferred) and send it over to

Scheduling. I’ll no longer be posting weekly on Mondays now. There still will be frequent posts, but maybe every other week you’ll hear from me. The world is chaos and frankly, screw a schedule.

If you have any other feedback you’d like to send, please leave it in the comments or email me directly.

I hope you’re well and taking care of yourself. Whatever that looks like.


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