the awareness illusion

What a better time to start posting again on the only sound than the month of May, Mental Health Awareness Month. May, the month when the United States can collectively recognize through the means of posting, sharing, retweeting and regurgitating on social media the importance of maintaining the hygiene of one’s brain. May, the month… Continue reading the awareness illusion

seasons change

Radical honesty only: When I started the only sound, I had no detailed ideas of what it would be, how often I’d post, what I’d write, or where I’d go from there. However, I promised myself that if I didn’t feel compelled to write, I wouldn’t do it. I didn’t want the only sound to… Continue reading seasons change

the things we put off

Happy Another-Shaping-Up-To-Be-A-Full-On-Catastrophically-Historic New Year.  We’re not even two weeks into 2021, and action is already being taken on what’s long been ignored this year. I found myself at the start of the new year binge watching the work-from-home performance Phoebe Bridgers did of her song “Kyoto” for The Late Late Show with James Corden. This… Continue reading the things we put off

rest and relief

I’ve been running on steam. We’ve all been running on steam. And now? Steam? I hardly know her. I’m keeping this short. I debated posting at all, but in an alley-oop fashion, I felt compelled to to stress the importance of rest. No matter who you are, you’ve worked hard this year. Whether you have… Continue reading rest and relief

the bonds between popular culture, politics and mental health

I hate when someone says, “I’m not political and don’t pay attention to the news”I hate the idea that some people think politics can be turned on and off in any situation like a light switch.I hate the notion that our current moment can be separated from, well, anything. When I started this project, I… Continue reading the bonds between popular culture, politics and mental health

how far we haven’t come

Amy Winehouse is a household name in my life. I’ve been transfixed by Winehouse’s soulful voice since I heard “Rehab” almost fourteen years ago. Winehouse delivered honest and blunt lyrics with a smooth razzle that is not just notable, but praiseful. Winehouse’s talent, personal history of mental illness and substance disorder, and tragic death at… Continue reading how far we haven’t come


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