sometimes the only sound you hear is one that is never heard.

the only sound was created to show what happens when what goes on in your head meets what is played through your headphones.

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seasons change

Radical honesty only: When I started the only sound, I had no detailed ideas of what it would be, how often I’d post, what I’d write, or where I’d go from there. However, I promised myself that if I didn’t feel compelled to write, I wouldn’t do it. I didn’t want the only sound to… Continue reading seasons change

the things we put off

Happy Another-Shaping-Up-To-Be-A-Full-On-Catastrophically-Historic New Year.  We’re not even two weeks into 2021, and action is already being taken on what’s long been ignored this year. I found myself at the start of the new year binge watching the work-from-home performance Phoebe Bridgers did of her song “Kyoto” for The Late Late Show with James Corden. This… Continue reading the things we put off

the best 8 albums of 2020

What am absolute dumpster fire year, but what a golden year for music. Whether it is because the year’s releases were fantastic and/or some of us have more time to dedicate listening to albums due to excess time COVID has blessed us with, there is a popularly held sentiment that this year was a great… Continue reading the best 8 albums of 2020

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