anthony’s favorite song

There is a part of me that wants to open up to you, reader, and spew out what Anthony Bourdain, as his public persona as a writer, chef and CNN show shaker, meant to me. That story form has been regurgitated by various authors, fans, and friends since his death by suicide in 2019, so… Continue reading anthony’s favorite song

the best 8 albums of 2020

What am absolute dumpster fire year, but what a golden year for music. Whether it is because the year’s releases were fantastic and/or some of us have more time to dedicate listening to albums due to excess time COVID has blessed us with, there is a popularly held sentiment that this year was a great… Continue reading the best 8 albums of 2020

the bonds between popular culture, politics and mental health

I hate when someone says, “I’m not political and don’t pay attention to the news”I hate the idea that some people think politics can be turned on and off in any situation like a light switch.I hate the notion that our current moment can be separated from, well, anything.When I started this project, I had… Continue reading the bonds between popular culture, politics and mental health

the missed representation of grunge

By Dylan Schaum @DD_wackness The music from the 1990s desired to be about representation. The sentiment followed the subjects of experimentation of the 1970s and the spectacle of the 1980s found in music. Barriers around race and gender started to rightfully shed off the music and art deemed popular. The demographic of those who spoke… Continue reading the missed representation of grunge

how far we haven’t come

Amy Winehouse is a household name in my life.I’ve been transfixed by Winehouse's soulful voice since I heard “Rehab” almost fourteen years ago. Winehouse delivered honest and blunt lyrics with a smooth razzle that is not just notable, but praiseful. Winehouse’s talent, personal history of mental illness and substance disorder, and tragic death at the… Continue reading how far we haven’t come

women will get you through 2020

"Fight for the things that you care about. But do it in a way that will lead others to join you.”- Ruth Bader GinsburgFeminist icon, Supreme Court judge, relentless fighter for equality, and, lest we forget, notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on Friday. Like so many of us, I’ve become so calloused to breaking news… Continue reading women will get you through 2020

an introduction to the through

The first time I felt depressed was after I listened to My Chemical Romance’s “I Don’t Love You.” I became fully aware of an unexplainable ache. I was twelve.Since, music and my mental health have been inextricably linked. Hell, all my experiences are linked to and processed through music. I know I’m not the only… Continue reading an introduction to the through